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Re: Dirichlet L-Functions

* Charles Greathouse [2010-07-09 18:04]:
> 1. Is there a good way to compute a Dirichlet L-function in Pari?  In
> particular, I'd like to calculate one with chi = kronecker(D, p) and
> fixed D and s.

There are two "simple" ways, both available in the archive of
Contributed GP scripts,


Specifically, item #2 (by Henri Cohen):


and #3 (by Tim Dokchitser)


> 2. (Encroaching on pari-dev) If the answer to #1 is negative, and I
> write a function implementing it, should I submit it for inclusion in
> future versions?

Pascal Molin, a student of mine, is working on a more general
implementation of Dokchitser's script (with new ideas of his, as well as
from Booker, Rubinstein, and others), which will be directly available
in the PARI/GP package.

If you devise specific improvements to script #2 above, you may send
patches to me. (Script #3 is maintained directly by Tim Dokchitser.)


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