Sac-Epée Jean-Marc on Fri, 18 Jun 2010 23:53:58 +0200

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Re: Writing into a file

Le 18/06/2010 23:23, Karim Belabas a écrit :
* Sac-Epée Jean-Marc [2010-06-18 23:10]:
Hi everybody,

I try to write in  a file using lines like


into loops.

But instead of writing into the file each time a new result appears,
the program stops with this warning :

[secure mode]: about to write to 'Resul'. OK ? (^C if not)
---- (type return to continue) ----

Then, my program cannot continue alone !

Did you ever see this ?
This is due to the 'secure' default being set to 1  (*not* the default value).
Either set 'secure' to 0 in your .gprc, or use

   default(secure, 0);

in your script [ you will be asked for confirmation but secure mode will
then be off ]

No .gprc in sight, Karim, but "default(secure, 0);"  suits me perfectly.

With all my thanks,


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