Bill Allombert on Sun, 26 Apr 2009 13:53:20 +0200

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Re: Accessing the ellsea function from Pari 2.4.3 (svn-r11688)

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 07:44:00AM -0700, Hamish Ivey-Law wrote:
> Hello Pari-users,
> I would like to be able to access the function
>   GEN ellsea(GEN E, GEN p, long EARLY_ABORT)
> defined in  src/modules/ellsea.c  from the GP command-line.  I know this is
> indirectly accessible via the  ellap  command, but I would like to be able
> to use the early abort feature which is not accessible via  ellap.  I
> thought all I had to do was
> ? install("ellsea", "GGL")
> but, although this makes  ellsea  show up in the list of available commands,
> when I try to use it I get a bus error:
> ? ellsea(E, p, 1)
>   ***   bug in PARI/GP (Bus Error), please report
>   ***   Break loop: type <Return> three times, or Control-d, to go back to
> GP)
> (here  p  is a random 128-bit prime and  E  is a random curve over  FF_p).
> Does anyone have any idea why this isn't working?  Is the "GGL" prototype
> for the  ellsea  function incorrect, or is this actually a problem in Pari? 
> In case it matters, I do have the SEAdata package installed.

Hello, thanks for your report,

I have never tested ellsea(,,1) and it is unfortuantely suffering from various
bugs. I will try to fix them in the SVN version.