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Re: idealstar

* John Cremona [2008-12-02 18:27]:
> Dear pari,
> The function idealstar(k,I) for an ideal I in a number field k,
> returns an abstract representation of the group (Z_K/I) together with
> generators.  using this I can easily form the map from the abstract
> group to the concrete one, but what about the inverse?  In other
> words, given an element of Z_K coprime to I, how can I express it in
> terms of the abstract generators?  is there a function for this, or
> has someone else implemented it?
> I fully realise that one special case of this is the discrete log
> problem for Z/pZ, and am not asking for anything which is very fast,
> but I hope I will not have to kist all the lements and check them one
> by one.

(18:30) gp > ???"discrete log"
bnfisprincipal elllog         fflog          ideallist      ideallog
idealstar      znlog

I'd have a look at "ideallog" ... 

As you mentionned, the bottleneck is the computation of discrete logs in
(Z_K / P) for maximal ideals P dividing I. This will be slow if Norm P - 1
is not smooth ( basic Pohlig-Hellman + Shanks ).


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