Martin Larsen on Mon, 01 Sep 2008 21:28:26 +0200

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RE: Readline

So, local variables are seen by all functions in the same scriptfile, but should not be seen outside.
>> But this variable is not removed from global function (sic) namespace.
>> Here is what happens:
>>>myvar(n)= n*n
>> *** unused characters: myvar(n)=n*n
> This was a limitation of GP 2.3 which was fixed in GP 2.4. In GP 2.4,
> you can replace function with variable and vice-versa.

I see a related problem now:

Lets say you have loaded a script with local(myvar).

If you create (perhaps unknowingly) a global variable with the same name and then kill(myvar) then you destroy all myvar's and the use of the function it was declared in (version 2.3.4).


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