Max Alekseyev on Wed, 06 Feb 2008 04:47:31 +0100

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PARI/GP scripts for miscellaneous math problems

I've made available for download a number of my PARI/GP scripts that
other people may find useful:

Currently there are scripts for the following computational problems:

I. Number of Hamiltonial paths and cycles in graphs
II. Inversion of Euler Totient Function
III. Binomial Coefficients Modulo Primes
IV. Number of subgroups of an abelian group

and scripts for the following computational problems will be there soon:

V. Period of Linear Recurrent Sequences (e.g., Fibonacci Numbers) Modulo Primes
VI. Emperical Recurrent Formulas with Polynomial Coefficients
VII. Generation of Integer Partitions
VIII. Continued Fraction of Square Roots
IX. Number of Monic Irreducible Multivariate Polynomials over Finite Fields

Whenever appropriate I illustrate the usage of these scripts with
simple programs computing particular sequences in OEIS.

Your comments are welcome!