Tautócrona on Wed, 20 Sep 2006 15:20:38 +0200

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Hi all:

I usually work with primes in Pari-GP, and find the PrimeLimit parameter very small for my 
purposes. I know that with the command Default(PrimeLimit, N) I can make PrimeLimit as big 
as N, but N ~ 4*10^9 seems to be the final limit. Besides, the speed drops a lot, I 
suppose because the primes up to 10^6 are precomputed and stored, and from there they are 
computed every time I run the routine. I wonder if: a) one could set an arbitrarily long 
limit for PrimeLimit, and b) one could get a bigger table of stored primes, to raise the 
speed of forprime.

Thank you!

Jose Brox
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