Bill Allombert on Sun, 17 Sep 2006 23:15:06 +0200

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GP2C 0.0.5pl2 released

Hello PARI users,

I have just released GP2C 0.0.5pl2, the GP to C compiler.

It is available at <>.

GP2C is a compiler for GP-scripts that output C code to be linked with libpari
or install'ed in GP.

It can be used to compile and run a GP script, to learn how to use the PARI
library, or to check a script for mistakes (with -W).

This release has been tested on i386-linux, amd64-linux and ppc-darwin.

This release no more support PARI/GP 2.1 and 2.2 (at least officially).

The behaviour of gp2c-run has changed in release 0.0.5: 

--- Instead of creating the files "gp2c_gprc" and "" in the
current directory, gp2c creates a file <>.run that contains the
command to load the compiled script (where <> is the name of your
script). This is cleaner and allow you to load the compiled script
inside other GP session as well by simply doing \r
You can also include it in another script and gp2c will be able to
compile the result properly.

--- There is now an official Debian package for gp2c (named pari-gp2c).

Release 0.0.5pl2 come with a lot of extra bugs fixes and documentation