cino hilliard on Sun, 02 Apr 2006 16:26:22 +0200

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elapsed time and system command

System p4 2.53 ghz 2 gig rdram xp pro

                   GP/PARI CALCULATOR Version 2.2.12 (beta)
               i686 running cygwin (ix86 kernel) 32-bit version
              compiled: Jan  3 2006, gcc-3.4.1 (cygming special)
               (readline v5.0 enabled, extended help available)

The timing functions # and ## do not account for the time taken by calls to external objects.
For example,

(01:06) gp > #
  timer = 1 (on)
(01:05) gp > t(n) = for(x=1,n,write("testtimer.txt","12345678901"))
(01:07) gp > t(100000)
time = 10,891 ms.
(01:08) gp > ##
 ***   last result computed in 10,891 ms.

Actually took 50 sec.

This has been the case for some time and applies to system commands also.

BTW, the [Delete] key now deletes as opposed to producing the tilde ~. I downloaded the
latest cygwin. Perhaps that was the reasson.