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Re: 2 questions ...

On Sep 23, 2005, at 19:14 , Quique Becerra wrote:

I'm new to PARI and need to make 2 functions (to do programming)

If you are comfortable reading english (and your message seems to indicate that you are), you should spend some time reading the documentation provided with Pari/gp. It should be helpful for these kinds of questions.

1) X^M mod N
(using 3 parameters)


2) a function to factorize a natural number...
with natural i refer to:
numbers from 1 to infinite

This is provided by Pari/gp:

? factor(327685558)
%3 =
[2 1]

[29 2]

[194819 1]

In both cases, I have used the syntax for 'gp', the command-line interpreter. The library syntax (for C programming) is a bit different (and is discussed in the documentation).

Hope this helps.



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