Mak Trifkovic on Mon, 06 Jun 2005 03:14:19 +0200

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Lattice intersection

I have a number field F and I want to intersect an ideal I of O_F with an order O. The manual claims that I can use idealintersect to get an intersection of any two Z-modules, but the command seems to convert a lattice to the ideal it generates.

E.g., if F=Q(y) is a quadratic NF, idealintersect(F,[1,0;0,3],[1,0;0,3]) yields [1,0;0,1], which means that takes [1,0;0,3] to be the ideal generated by 1 and 3y, and not the order Z[3y]?

Am I using this the wrong way? Is there another way to intersect lattices in number fields?