Karim Belabas on Sun, 07 Nov 2004 18:48:53 +0100

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Re: Windows build

* Andrew John Walker [2004-09-03 09:04]:
> Can someone please update the windows build of pari to the latest
> version, quite a lot has been changed and fixed since the last was
> done in January.

[ Sorry for the long delay; I've been busy with other things... ]

I have just upgraded the Windows build with a pre-release version for 2.2.8,


It corresponds to the CVS version as of one hour ago. As for Windows-specific
things, (I believe) I have fixed the "^C working only once" problem.

Have fun !


P.S: One last annoyance. On my machine M-? [ list all possible completions ]
exhibits a display bug: the last character in the edit buffer is displayed
twice. E.g.


results in the list of bnfxxx functions being properly listed, then


being displayed after the prompt. But only 'bnf' is really there, as hitting
'Enter' shows.  If the variable 'show-all-if-ambiguous' is set in some
inputrc, <TAB> has the same problem.

This does not occur under Unix, and disappears if the prompt color
is not modified. [ The gprc provided changes it to bright yellow. ]

I have upgraded my entire Cygwin distribution to try other versions of
gcc, readline and ncurses, to no avail.
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