Mustansir on Tue, 24 Aug 2004 19:13:02 +0200

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using the pari library within a c program in windows

Hi !!

i was hoping someone here could help me :)

my proggie uses the pari library, and it works fine on
linux. however, i now have to port the program to
windows ..

MinGW compiler :
in the lib folder of MinGW, i placed the libpari.a and files .. however, when i try compiling
and linking, i get a linker error that "undefined
reference to pari_init" ... doesn't mingw support
linking against .a and .so.1 files ??

VC++ :
i then thought that i'd try using the libpari-2.2.dll
file, and then use LoadLibrary, GetProcAddress etc ..
but, when i try doing a regsvr32 on libpari-2.2.dll, i
get the error "DLLRegisterServer entry point not

can anyone help me ??

thanks :)

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