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Re: Polynomial Roots - how to interpret realprecision?

* Gordon Royle [2004-07-05 13:01]:
> I want to use "polroots" to calculate the roots of a large number of 
> *integer* polynomials.
> The documentation indicates that the precision is kept in the variable 
> realprecision.... and then it says
> ".. it is guaranteed to converge and to give the roots to the required 
> precision"
> Now, does this mean that the roots that are output are guaranteed 
> correct to that number of places?


> From my (admittedly limited)  understanding of the sensitivity of roots
> of polynomials, I was under  the impression that this would require some
> intermediate calculations  to be performed to a greater precision ...  is
> this so?

This is so.

A posteriori error estimates are made, and the computation is restarted
( with appropriate precision ) if the estimates do not guarantee the
requested precision was obtained.

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