Michael Somos on Thu, 25 Mar 2004 00:43:05 +0100

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Re: Solving recurrences.

Marko Riedel wrote :

> very impressive! Could you briefly explain what you are doing?

Yes, it is impressive, but I was solving just the reverse
problem. You wanted to go from recurrence to formula. In my
haste I interpreted what you wanted was the much much easier
reverse problem.

> BTW I guess I didn't explain it well. You take the explicit formula to

Yes, you explained it well enough. I just didn't understand
it at first glance correctly. If you don't want to invest in
a lot of effort you may just use "superseeker@research.att.com"
and send a few initial sequence terms and it will come back with
some information, hopefully giving a formula. It is no really
designed to do what you ask, but it is free and available by
e-mail. Shalom, Michael