Esteban Crespi on Fri, 31 Oct 2003 00:08:26 +0100

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Re: Pari.exe (2.2.7) for Windows

> 2) I have not been able to configure readline or GP in order to make
> Ctrl-Leftarrow or Ctrl-Rightarrow to go to the previous/next word. Does
> anybody know how to do it?

2) Find out exactly what is understood by readline when you hit a
of keys ( try Ctrl-V then hit the combination of keys, it prints out what
you're looking for ). On my system, Ctrl-LeftArrow produces ^[[5D

3) In .inputrc, you can associate actions to sequences of keypresses, e.g

  "\e[5C": forward-word
  "\e[5D": backward-word

It dosn't work, indeed it seems as if in my system (WXP), readline didn't
the combinations Ctrl-key for the keys in the numeric keypad or in the
It gives precisely the same pressing LeftArrow or Ctrl-LeftArrow after

Anyhow your instructions have been quite useful, I have set the keys PgUp
and PgDwn
to accomplish those functions, and I've set several function keys to do
useful work.