Bill Allombert on Tue, 14 Oct 2003 18:13:34 +0200

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Re: write in a file

On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 04:52:53PM +0200, Dirk Laurie wrote:
> Can one read in from a Pari-GP-written file one item at a time?
> For example, in a loop I use 'write(filename,x)'.  It creates
> a lot of lines starting with 'x='.  
> If I say 'read(filename)', the whole file is read, and all the
> values of x except the last are lost.  I want to read one, do
> something to it, read another, etc.

Try a named fifo an a line filter:
sh1$ mkfifo fifo
sh1$ gp
? for(i=1,10,print(i,read("fifo"))

in another shell write your data to fifo closing the fifo between each
line.  For example

sh2$ perl -ne 'system("echo '\''$_'\'' > fifo")' <data 

It looks awkward but just use the power of unix.