Bill Hale on Wed, 7 May 2003 10:00:34 -0500

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Re: Priority of variables

At 2:37 PM +0100 5/7/03, Cherry Kearton wrote:
>How can I tell which of two variables has higher priority in GP?
>Cherry Kearton

You can use the GP command: reorder()

The command can also be used to change the order of variables.
For example,  reorder([z, y, r]) puts the those variables
in the order of z, y, r. However, I found that doing this
sometimes causes error failures when using those reordered
variables in computations.

Rather than using the "reorder command", I just list
the variables I want in the order I want at the
beginning of my program:


? r
%1 = r
? y
%2 = y
? z
%3 = z
? reorder()
%4 = [x, r, y, z]


Actually, I am doing the above in a batch ".gp" file
that I read into the GP session.

-- Bill Hale