Karim BELABAS on Thu, 14 Nov 2002 18:08:25 +0100 (MET)

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PARI/GP conference (September 2003)

[I am forwarding this message. Sorry about multiple copies. -- K.B.]

  Dear Pari/GP lovers,

I am planning to organize an international technical conference on Pari/GP
in Bordeaux in early September 2003. My ideas (which can be changed by the
participants) are the following:

* The conference should last more than 1 week. Perhaps 10 days, even 2 weeks.

* It should have a VERY small number of talks (perhaps 2 per day).

* It should consist mainly in technical exchanges between participants,
which can be
  -- about algorithms and implementations
  -- between all the participants, or in small groups.

* It is an absolute priority that people actively involved in the pari-dev
mailing list be present: outside of the French people, Gerhard Niklasch,
Igor Schein, Ilya Zakharevitch, etc.

* Mathematicians using Pari/GP intensively, such as Don Zagier, Fernando
Rodriguez-Villegas or Noam Elkies, to name only a few, will be invited, even
though they may not come.

* I will invite people from similar projects: in particular from the Magma
group, from Lidia, from Kant, from GMP, and others.

* Attendance to the conference will of course not only be on invitation,
anybody interested is welcome.

There will be available a large network of machines (20 perhaps) on which to
work. I have grants which can cover some expenses of invited people, but
certainly not all expenses of all people. For instance, I can probably cover
all the local expenses of about 30 people, or local expenses + not too
expensive travel of 15 people, etc... Of course, I would appreciate if some
participants could pay at least part of their needs through grants of their

Please send comments as soon as possible.

    Henri Cohen.