David Finney on Fri, 15 Mar 2002 09:58:15 -0800

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RE: Pari and GNUPlot

Thanks for the response. Although I'm using Windows, I think I can use the GNU tools/Cygwin to do something similar. 

I'm wondering, though, if it is necessary to rebuild GP/Pari and GnuPlot to make this happen. Isn't it possible to update the GPRC file or some other configuration file to make it possible for Pari to use GNUPlot? Or (hope upon hope) can one use setterm or other function just to tell the pre-built binaries to use GNUPlot?

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Last week I needed to enable the "plot to file" feature and I had to
reinstall Pari with the gnuplot interface.

Try it:
(This is what I did. Tell me if you need details... I could take a look in
my .bash_history)

1) Install the gd library. This will allow gnuplot to generate gif files.
You can get it in:

2) Create a directory "gnuplot" inside pari source dir.

2) Copy gnuplot source files to the "gnuplot" dir.

3) Configure gnuplot with the "--with-gif" flag and then compile it. You
will have to link the gd library.

4) In the gnuplot dir, type "ar cr libgnuplot.a version.o util.o term.o
bitmap.o stdfn.o"

5) Copy libgnuplot.a to /usr/lib

6) Go back to pari source dir.

7) Add "-libgnuplot" to the PLOTLIBS variable in the file

6) If you have installed pari before, type "make clean", Maybe it's not
necessary, i don't know.

7) Type "./Configure--graphic=gnuplot" and then "make gp".

8) Type "make install"

I hope it works.


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Brand new Pari user here. How to I configure GP to use GnuPlot? From the



*** high resolution graphics disabled

How do I configure GP to use GnuPlot for high resolution graphics?


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