Teluhiko HILANO on Fri, 14 Jul 2000 21:26:38 +0900

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How to compile the latest version of pari under cygwin

Dear Pari Users

I have posted the patch of Configure for Cygnus for Win.
It seems that The Latest Version of Cygnus(1.1.2) has changed the install

So, here is anothe patch for Configure to pari-2.0.20.beta389c389

<         cygtop=/usr
>         cygtop=/usr/${arch}-pc-cygwin

The Latest Version of Cygnus has installed at C:\cygnus, for example, then
cygnus system mount the root directory at above directory.

You can check this fact to execute "df".
This patch enables to find libtermcap.a during execution of
./Configure --static and
succeed to build gp-sta.exe with readline.

      Teluhiko HILANO(