Igor Schein on Thu, 11 Nov 1999 16:54:27 -0500

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nfgaloisconj() remark


? nfgaloisconj(x^4-x^3-5*x^2+2*x+4,0)
  ***   Warning: conjugates list may be incomplete in nfgaloisconj.
%7 = [x, 1/2*x^3 - 1/2*x^2 - 5/2*x + 1]~
? ?nfgaloisconj
nfgaloisconj(nf,{flag=0},{den}): list of conjugates of a root of the
polynomial x=nf.pol in the same number field. flag is  optional (set
to 0 by default), meaning 0: use combination of flag 4 and 1, always

So the manual says that it's always complete, yet the warning shows
up.  To me it's inconsistent.