Karim BELABAS on Wed, 10 Nov 1999 12:21:25 +0100 (MET)

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Re: polkaramul

> Since I got a version of 2.0.17 PARI manual with crossreferences, it
> became very easy to find discrepancies.
> Say, tutorial shows polkaramul without hyperlink-highlight.  And
> indeed, I cannot grep for it.

Right. Karatsuba is now included in the default multiplication engine. Hence
polkaramul() isn't needed anymore and was removed. This section and the
following one in the tutorial (about the difference between x * x and x^2)
are obsolete.

polkaramul isn't even known to the whatnow engine [ karamul() is ] since it
only existed for a few internal releases and was never included in the
regular documentation (in fact, it didn't work properly). It's a pity I
updated the tutorial right at that moment, and then forgot to re-update it
after making Karatsuba the default method...

I'm correcting this.

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