Matias Atria (F. de Ciencias Depto Matematicas) on Sat, 31 Jul 1999 02:47:47 -0400 (CST)

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Re: Two bugs (2.0.16 on Linux/Alpha)

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Igor Schein wrote:

> As it is now, PARI is not the best package for matrix operations.
> It has improved since, for example, version 2.0.9, but still it's
> far away from where it could eventually be.  It's not on the immediate
> TODO list, but Karim will tell you whether it's planned for remote future.

I would feel satisfied with this answer if I were actually DOING matrix
operations, but I'm not. I use the matrix() command just to create a 2
dimensinoal array with special entries, but after that I don't do anything
other than extracting entries from it. So, in my opinion this problem would
not mean that PARI does linear algebra poorly, but that it does memory
management poorly.

If you know of a different way to create a 1000x5000 array that works using
a finite amount of memory, please let me know. That's all I need to do!

Many thanks,