Iwao KIMURA on Fri, 30 Jul 1999 16:52:47 +0900

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Re: any plan for parallel computation?

Hi Kim,

From: Chanju Kim <cjkim@ctp.snu.ac.kr>
Subject: any plan for parallel computation?
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 00:58:51 +0900 (KST)

> Is there a version of GP doing parallel computation?
> If not is there any plan for that in near future?

It depends what `parallel computation' does mean. If you mean by
the word that, for example, one process using Pari library has
some threads and these threads are executed on some processors,
this is very difficult to imprement in the current Pari
system. Because computation in Pari library are performed using
large memory space as a stack, each Pari function call is

On the other hand, if you need not to share a memory space,
there are many example to perform parallel computation using,
see, MPI or PVM. But these interfaces will not be included in gp.

> I know that there are packages for parallel computation in, for example,
> mathematica and maple. So I wonder whether similar thing is possible
> in PARI/GP case also.

Would you tell me where I can get imformation about parallel
computation in Mathematica and Maple?

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