Ilya Zakharevich on Sat, 22 May 1999 12:11:37 -0400

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Re: 2.0.15: Problems

On Sat, May 22, 1999 at 05:30:55PM +0200, Karim BELABAS wrote:
> [Ilya: pari-dev-543]
> > Moreover, redirection of PARI error messages (via the replacable
> > handlers for printing an error line and for fflushing) does not work,
> > which breaks a build of Math::Pari Perl module.  Can somebody guess
> > which edit could cause the latter behaviour?
> In what way does it "not work" ?

It looks like the error messages go to STDERR instead of being
intercepted by Perl exception mechanism.

> The only modification I see pertaining to
> input/output is the unbuffering of logfile ouput (setbuf(0) added twice in
> gp.c), but that doesn't sound related.

I do not think it is related, gp.o should not be even included in