Olivier Ramare on Mon, 15 Mar 1999 13:29:13 +0100 (MET)

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Linux and pari.el

Dear developpers,

  Here is a bug that was submitted to me but that I do not know
how to mend:
  With Linux, start emacs (20.2) and ask for pari.el via M-x gp
for instance. The output got by one user is surprising:
  -- the gp process is started in a shell (tcsh).
  -- Everything goes fine till this command terminates, i.e. till
  the gp process sends the prompt.
  -- Then it seems a kill-or-exit-signal is sent to the gp process...
  The eLisp command is
    "pari"              ;; A name for this process.
    "*PARI*"            ;; Name of the buffer containing the process
    shell-file-name     ;; The process started: it is tcsh.
    "-c"                ;; tcsh option: execute the command following.
    "stty -echo nl;gp"  ;; The command to execute. stty sets some
                        ;; environment things that I do not understand
                        ;; well. Most probably set CR to NL on inputs
                        ;; and ouputs. gp is of course the name of
                        ;; the gp executable.
  I remember having had a similar problem with MuPAD, and I cured it
by adding the option -P e (suppress echo) to the MuPAD process. But
that was only cooking.
  I would like to know: if anyone has had a similar problem, and if yes
what are the usual parameters of stty (stty [Return] gives that), and
most important, if anyone could cure that for me...