Philippe Elbaz-Vincent on Mon, 08 Mar 1999 21:26:42 +0100

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Re: pari-2.0.14 bugs

Igor Schein wrote:

> 4) I discovered a weird completion bug on Linux and Cygwin.  When I
> hit <TAB> to complete the 10 character long function
> (e.g. vecextract(), bnfcertify() etc. ), it either adds '^y' character
> in the and, or segfaults. 

Well, I will probably be flamed, but I've noticed this "bug" already
with  the 2.0.13 and even the 2.0.12. I've also noticed that the
behavior is completely random (and sometimes doesn't, or even never
happen). So yes I can reproduce it too (even under 2.0.13)...

PS: sometimes I have only the ^Y for vecextract(), and nothing for the
bnf.. or factor.. and often segfault

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