Bill Daly on Mon, 04 Jan 1999 16:06:39 -0500

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Win32 Version 2.0.13

(I tried sending the following directly to Karim, but for some reason it
didn't get through, so I am posting it here.)

There are a few problems with 2.0.13 under Win32.

1. paricfg.h needs

#define SHELL_Q '"'


#define DL_DFLT_NAME "libpari.dll"

2. The #endif at line 1924 of es.c, just below try_pipe(), is misplaced.
It should be one line above.

3. In gp.c at line 1398 in get_home(), the line

    char *buf = gpmalloc(strlen(pth) + strlen(drv));

should read

    char *buf = gpmalloc(strlen(pth) + strlen(drv) + 1);


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