Philippe Elbaz-Vincent on Sat, 29 Aug 1998 16:55:33 +0200 (MESZ)

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[PARI] MPQS error message

Dear All,

what is the meaning of the following error message (and what should I do
to avoid this ?):

 ***   MPQS: could not open requested file /var/tmp/LPTMP.500.7242.


 ***   MPQS: could not open requested file /var/tmp/FREL.500.7242.

the previous error message appears, for instance, with:


notice that gp was called with the options -s 40000000 -p 10000000
(run under Intel PII/Linux 2.0.xx, and the PARI version is 2.0.11.beta)

NB: with the flag=1 (no MPQS) factorint works fine, but "issquarefree" (or
"core") use implicitly MPQS (no flags to suppress the call to MPQS)

thanking you in advance, Ph. 

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