Karim BELABAS on Thu, 30 Jul 1998 20:21:34 +0200 (MET DST)

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pari 2.0.11.beta update.

Hi all,

  a new update is there:


Many people sent bug reports for previous version 2.0.10 (see the Changelog
below), so I'm releasing this one ahead of schedule. I'm allowing one week of
testing, then I'll announce it in pari-announce (and possibly in one
newsgroups or two :>). The binaries have not been updated yet. When they will
be (before the announce!), I'll try to put together a decent DOS archive as

The diff file is:




GN = Gerhard Niklasch
IK = Iwao Kimura
Done for version 2.0.11 beta (released 30/07/98):
    1- removed all dummy cgeti (--> new_chunk)
    2- stack corruption in gcarreparfait (t_INTMOD)
    3- incorrect Fq-loop in apprgen9
    4- removed useless normalize in gdivgs, gdiv
    5- some {} Warnings from gcc -Wall (unjustified, but doesn't hurt)
    6- incorrect zero series return by deriv
    7- gaffsg(, t_PADIC) misused the valuation (symptom: deriv((1+O(2^2))*x^2)
    8- the online help for ellinit
GN  9- default gp built without X11 in presence of some versions of xmkmf
   10- ggval: zero series + simplified the code in there
   11- subst(O(q),q,x) --> O(q)
   12- newtonpoly did not treat correctly zero coefficients
IK 13- getrusage incorrectly detected (at least on Linux/FreeBSD machines)
   14- constante() used far too much memory (+ an int should have been a long
       + an lg should have been an lgefint). Reading in a huge bnf needs much
       less memory now.
   15- y[2] checked in divri instead of is_bigint (see 2.0.10, Changed 2)
   16- powgi, default case: missing gcopy + incorrect gerepilemany if y==NULL.
       Also, uniformized random GC with gpowgs
   17- stack corruption in hil(x,y,p) when typ(x) > typ(y)
   18- SEGV if DISPLAY was unset and hi-res routine under X11 is called
GN 19- ispseudoprime(negative integer)
   20- removed -static from the CFLAGS of profiling version (didn't build)
   21- linear algebra routines involving polynomials with real coeffs
   22- compiles properly under DOS + EMX
GN 23- Warnings from C++ compiler (include unistd.h and sys/ioctl.h where
   24- znprimroot(0) --> infinite loop
GN 25- various fixes in mpqs
GN 26- add safety parentheses to macros in paricom.h
   27- polroots needed too much precision (two extra words).
   28- factor(1. * x + I) ---> rubbish or SEGV (bug in polynomialtype automat)
   29- possible address wrapparound in gerepile* (cast to ulong)
   30- in gerepile: useless special case for t_SER
   31- Pol(1) % 1 returned 1, not 0
   32- matdet([x1,1,1/x1; x2,1,1/x2 ; x3,1,1/x3]) returned wrong result
       (call to gdeuc should have been gdiv in all cases in det())
   33- SEGV in powmodulo (access garbage pointer just before exiting)
GN 34- various problems in rho and mpqs

    1- simplified detint, fibo
    2- simplified GC and optimized gmul: t_SER x t_SER, t_POL x t_POL, and gsqr
       (same types).
    3- streamlined binomial
    4- replaced all abusive cmpsi by the relevant egalii
    5- prototype for error types gmuler[fi], gadder[fi], gdiver[fi], assign[ri]
       using new function type_name
    6- uniformized the test suites (make test*,bench,...).
GN  7- add random GC in mppgcd. Use modified plus-minus algorithm (cgcd updated)
    8- format of bench files (to reduce size)
    9- cleaned up factor and polynomialtype
   10- matdet tries to return a significant 0 when called with a
       non-invertible argument, e.g 
         matdet([1+O(3),1+O(3);O(3),O(3)]) --> O(3), not 0
   11- made the output of make bench/test slightly more informative

    1- mpkaramul
    2- error messages expter1 and gaffer13

    1- misc/gprc.dos a sample gprc for DOS boxes
    2- Configure --prefix=dir is now recognized (in addition to -p)
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