D. J. Bernstein on 23 Jul 1998 20:04:44 -0000

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Re: build report/bug report/suggestions

Ilya Zakharevich writes:
> Since list is so quick, maybe it is better to set the reply
> address to the list itself.

This interferes with personal replies. It also makes it impossible to
include a non-subscriber in the discussion.

> I needed to do `g'roup reply, then remove the Karim's address manually.

There is a new field called Mail-Followup-To that handles this problem.

The idea is that Karim's mailer, seeing pari-dev in the recipient list,
knowing that Karim is a subscriber to pari-dev, automatically adds a
Mail-Followup-To showing the recipient list without Karim's address.
(This is supported by mutt, and by any MUA running under qmail.)

The receiving mailer, seeing Mail-Followup-To, sends the response to
Mail-Followup-To rather than From+To+Cc. (This is supported by the
current versions of mutt and nmh.)