Karim BELABAS on Thu, 9 Jul 1998 18:52:01 +0200 (MET DST)

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Hi all,

  here comes the beta at last:


The diff file


is huge (187kB), but most of it arose from moving code around or fixing typos
in the documentation. The most significant change with the 2.0.9 is the
integer factoring routines (check out `factorint' in the user's manual) which
should be stable now, and rather more efficient (kudos to Gerhard).



BD = Bill Dally
GN = Gerhard Niklasch
HC = Henri Cohen
LG = Louis Granboulan
XR = Xavier Roblot
Done for version 2.0.10 beta (released 09/07/98):
    1- integer factoring engine (ECM): sisprime killed N
XR  2- file closed twice in MPQS
GN  3- bad argument checking in [next|prec]prime
BD  4- warnings from MSVC compiler.
    5- warnings from purify (vpariputs + puissii)
    6- sample program and Makefile in examples/
    7- v=...; forvec(a=v, v=...) ==> SEGV
LG  8- support for HP running NextStep
GN  9- have checkmemory (in cget*) check for overflows
LG 10- avoid a bug in cc compiler (version 4.2) under Solaris (in factmod()) 
LG 11- some missing prototypes and typecasts (for C++)
GN 12- add LOCAL_HIREMAINDER in mulssmod (factor(17!+1) => SEGV on some PCs)
   13- non portable pari_is_rwxdir
GN 14- lots of typos in the documentation

GN  1- add debugging output to ECM
    2- forvec implementation (+ new flags)
GN  3- rewrote the integer factorizer (use Pollard-Brent + improved ECM + 
       new MPQS code from 2.0.9)
    4- disabled pari-matched-insert under Emacs.
    5- reorganized vecsort & co.
    6- in library mode, classno3 --> hclassno
XR  7- improved the nffactor module
HC  8- elllseries (use ellglobalred + ellrootno)

    1- new function in library mode lisGEN()
HC  2- new GP function ellrootno

    1- error message vecsorter2
    2- functions vecindexsort, veclexsort (use vecsort with flag)

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