Karim BELABAS on Mon, 27 Apr 1998 18:20:40 +0200

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Re: Ilya's readline patches.

> [me:]
> > They are certainly useful and I myself will use them, but electric
> > parentheses can be rather annoying and it's not too easy to guess how to
> > toggle them out (it's obvious from the code, but...). So I'd like to switch
> > them off by default. The problem is that I see only one way to toggle them
> > from readline's .inputrc: unbind the hot keys, and let the user bind them
> > in his .inputrc. Specifically:
> > 
> > $if Pari-GP
> > (: pari-matched-insert
> > [: pari-matched-insert
> > $endif
> As was discussed a while ago in email, if `(' and `[' are electric,
> pasting something containing them into the input line will have rather
> undesirable effects.
> One could construct Yet Another Pari-specific Readline Function to
> toggle the behaviour, or one to turn it off and another to turn it on,
> and bind that/those to some readline key combination/s.

No need. Giving a 0 argument to pari-matched-insert will toggle electric
insertion off (a negative argument will toggle it back). So M-0 ( and M-- (
will do if ( is bound as above.

> However, with `(' and `[' bound to self-insert by default, and without
> requiring even pari-matched-insert, The User could bind  (and I have
> bound)  the keyseq macros
> $if Pari-GP
> Meta-(: "()\C-b" 
> Meta-[: "[]\C-b"
> $endif
> (So, what disadvantages of _this_ approach have I overlooked?)

That I'm used to electric parentheses when typing ordinary C code / GP
scripts (and to toggling paste mode in and out), and I'd hate to type
Alt-Shift-9 instead... 

In any case your solution amounts to unbind pari-matched-insert and let the
user bind whatever he feels most comfortable with. So I guess you support
my proposal...

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