Karim Belabas on Thu, 8 Jan 1998 03:56:52 +0100

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Gerhard Niklasch wrote:
> <digression1>
> However... when asked nicely, newer (X-)emacses will happily do wonderful
> things with colours.  Presumably this would need (considerable?) support
> from pari.el to implement.  (I'm aware at least of a Perl mode which paints
> all sorts of things each in its own pastel shade, and gets mightily confused
> each time a double quote appears inside a comment. ;^)
> <digression2>

  Er, by the way, I hacked together a primitive color version of pari.el,
with the standard package hilit19. It uses some regexp magic and is
completely independant of the "colors" default. So far, it colors only the
history strings, comments, timer, and error messages. If somebody wants to
play with it (enhancing the regexps so that they could match all that
"colors" can do would be nice), it can be found at


  One just needs to copy it somewhere and load it instead of pari.el (they
aren't very different...).  It only works under X11, but should be completely
equivalent to pari.el, but for the colors.

  While I was at it, I added a (slightly more elaborate but just as
experimental) syntax highlighting file for use with vim (version 5.0s
and above), in case there would be other vi(m) fans around:


It is meant to edit *.gp files (gp scripts). You need to include something

  au BufNewFile,BufReadPost *.gp so $HOME/lib/gp.vim
                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ fix this path.

in your .vimrc to use it (if anybody out there was at Diaz y Diaz's
conference in Luminy last year, this is the one we used for the PARI demo
there). It should be rather easy to adapt for (X)Emacs + hilit19 (I might
even do it, but don't count on it in the near future!).


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