Karim Belabas on Mon, 15 Dec 1997 23:53:07 +0100

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update 2.0.2.alpha

            Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way...

  and yet another update on the long road to the beta:


shrined in bright paper featuring pine twigs, candles and snowflakes, and a
garish red ribbon (Gerhard's idea of a gift).

  The list has been quiet enough (no patches), but we received many bug
reports through direct email. So, this is a bugfix release again, although it
incorporates the two small changes discussed in the Opinion Poll (which
passed with an overwhelming 14 to 0 (not counting my vote)).

And a Merry Christmas to all,

   Karim who's going home for about two weeks and will have minimal net
access during that period.

P.S: The Changelog:

Done for version 2.0.2.alpha (released 16/12/1997):

  1- typos in the documentation for the random() function
  2- removed an extra -emacs flag in pari.el
  3- decodefactor was incorrectly remembered by whatnow (it's factorback now)
  4- test mode did not prevent all prompt expansion (==> bug in make test)
  5- gphelp stopped abruptly when meeting a cross-referencing macro.
  6- zetainit now aborts cleanly when disc. too big (could cause memory fault)
  7- an exceedingly rare bug in the printing of real numbers (missing decimals)
  8- too early rounding in polroots which in rare cases made GP think some
     error had happened.
  9- text overflowed the manual pages (and tutorial) on non-A4 paper.
 10- polred incorrectly assumed that nf arguments were totally real (in a non
     critical part: that just led to some unnecessary computations).
 11- polred(f,2) could try to overwrite universal integer gzero 
 12- check if we are using GNU as or GNU ld in Configure.
 13- empty -R argument to $CC when building GP without graphics (==> link
 14- bnfinit acts sensibly when fundamental units are too large (before:
     "overflow in R*R")
 15- cleaned up buch2.c (removed ideallllredpart1, removed gerepile in
     class_group_generators(), not_given now called from getfu)
 16- nfgaloisconj(...,2) was unusable (tried an illegal multiplication).
 17- is_totally_split was very inefficient (==> nfgaloisconj was very slow).
 18- some unimportant typos (gexpo) in polgalois.
 19- compiling without readline gave a Warning in gp.c (already_hist).
 20- some make programs out there don't like $< (suppressed from doc/Makefile)
 21- ellap sometimes assumed (wrongly) that coeffs of the curve were integers.
 22- flag 0 and 1 in ellap had been mixed up.
 23- print an extra \n before an error message if last output did not 
     include it.
 24- component(any non recursive type) gave a SEGV.
 25- suminf / prodinf / prodeuler assumed they treated a real expression.
 26- lindep / algep had problems with numbers having a rational component.
 27- last significant digits of bessel* and hyperu were wrong (now only the
     last one is).
 28- expi now returns a long as documented (expi(gzero) returned 0 on 64-bit
 29- g++ could not compile libpari.a (casts missing, extraneous extern "C",
     faulty inline, etc.).
 30- cleaned up the enums in gp.h
 31- incorrect target veryclean in doc/Makefile

  1- '_' is now valid in GP identifiers.
  2- removed subsections from table of contents. pages in the manual are now
     numbered consecutively.
  3- gexpo now accepts exact 0 arguments (return -HIGHEXPOBIT).
     gexpo for complex numbers now return max(gexpo(Re), gexpo(Im))
  4- parts of lib/gprc.default
  5- the second argument of subgrouplist is now optional

  1- buggy label/goto functions
  2- (now unused) error messages: labeler, gexpoer2.
  3- _ as shorthand for conj()
  4- (useless, undocumented) function gnormalize
  5- some files in the lib directory (functions, gp)

  1- some files in the lib directory (README, pari.xbm, xgp)
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