Louis . Granboulan on Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:36:19 +0100

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I am beginning a big reorganisation of the directory src/kernel.
The way its files are included is really ugly, and it is not
coherent with chapter 5 of the user manual.

Here is what I am planning to do :
- make a clear difference between "level 0 kernel" and
  "level 1 kernel" operations.
- reorganize the definitions of the functions in the same order
  than in chapter 5.
- extract from src/headers/gencom.h the definitions of the macro
  that are "level 1 kernel" operations.
- check for every function (for example : mulmodll, mant or setmant
  do not exist but are in the manual)

The goal is to have a clear view of what should be done to add
assembly code for a new architecture.

The problem is that I may break the code for M68k (I will try
to check my changes, but I cannot test pari/gp on a Sun3 since
version 1.916). If one of you still has a Sun3 running, that
will help.

-- Louis Granboulan