Karim Belabas on Tue, 2 Dec 1997 05:39:53 +0100

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pari-2.0.1 update.

Hi all,

  as promised, here's an update incorporating all the patches discussed so
far on this list, plus many other small corrections.


This version still has alpha status (the binaries have not been (and probably
won't be) updated).



Here is the Changelog:

Done for version 2.0.1.alpha (released 02/12/1997):

 1- multiple factors forgotten when factoring univariate pols over Z.
 2- extraneous modifications of the random seed (period of random generator
    was ridiculously small for some buchxxx functions). Change the bench
    results (in a non essential way).
 3- bad terminal size determination.
 4- aliases incorrectly killed (possible SEGV).
 5- incrementing/decrementing array elements with the (valid) syntax 
    v[i]++ / v[i]-- caused a weird error message.
 6- subgrouplist() could end up by a SEGV on Linux systems.

 7- on HP-UX, flag -Aa was not taken into account in Configure (caused it to
    fail on has_TIOCGWINSZ.c)
 8- added a missing #define _INCLUDE_POSIX_SOURCE in galois.c (last 2
    indepently reported and fixed by Oliver Voigt and Louis Granboulan).

 9- the script examples/cl.gp called vecconcat() instead of concat()
10- make install-sta rebuilt gp-sta unnecessarily.
11- many, many typos in the tutorial. (last 3 items reported and fixed
    by Gerhard Niklasch)
12- tu / fu applied incorrectly to a bnfclassunit.
13- bnfclassunit did not output a valid object (matrix whose elements were rows
    instead of columns).
14- conversion bug from t_QUAD to t_REAL/t_COMPLEX (last 3 reported by Gerhard).

15- off-by-1 error in the history recovery after an error.
16- in fprintferr() (e.g. debug messages), embedded %Z did not work correctly
17- rnfequation over Q yielded a SEGV.
18- string() in compatibility mode corrupted the stack.
19- it is now safe to have colours in prompt and input line under readline.
20- default colours restored upon exiting.
21- default colors in lib/gprc.default used 0 instead of -1 for "no color".
22- psi and lngamma could give wrong results when the argument was not real
    (reported by Bill Daly)
23- the make test-graphic bench was missing a newline.
24- Pol(break) gave a SEGV.
25- x=1; Pol(1) gave a stupid error message.
26- tutorial.tex was unnecessarily rebuilt (patch by Ilya Zakharevich)
27- typos in ggcd (cases nobody will ever access: gcd of a non-reduced
    fraction with an intmod, etc.) (patch by Louis Granboulan).
28- incorrect handling of integrals of vectors (patch by Louis Granboulan).
29- gcd of polynomials with non-exact coeffs gave stupid results (now, they
    are just often wrong, since the mathematical notion is rather imprecise).
30- typos in rnfkummer (incorrect flag handling)
31- typo in idealpowprime (negative exponent gave wrong denominator)
32- multiplication t_COMPLEX x t_COMPLEX used 4 mult. instead of 3.
33- some modular functions (j, f, f2) rewritten to take advantage of new eta
    function (trueta). 

 1- ?? (gphelp) starts in detex mode (-d) from a console window. tmp files
    now placed according to the $TMPDIR environment variable (in /tmp by
 2- /usr/local/lib/pari/data is a better place for the Galois resolvents
    (which are not included yet in the standard distribution).
 3- The example for prompt in gprc.default to discuss escape sequences under
 4- Configure now starts by searching the toplevel directory for a temporary
    readline installation.
 5- The output of default(colors) was confusing. It is a string now.
 6- third argument of polinterpolate can be arbitrary and is now optional
    ("x" by default) (it had to be numeric).
 7- directory configure renamed config, some of the Makefiles in there as
    well (to avoid confusion).
 8- the low_stack macro to facilitate dynamic stack expansion (not done yet)
 9- if, back to GP main loop, the last command was a print1(), output an
    extra newline. This way the prompt is guaranteed to be anchored on 
    column 1 (suppresses a readline display bug as well).
10- Due to 9, pari.el now supposes the prompt starts in col. 1.
11- Better handling of version numbers (patch by Louis Granboulan)
12- decodefactor() renamed to factorback().

 1- The (unused, undocumented) Malloc_Procs functions and macros.
 2- The (now unused) error message numvarer.
 3- some (useless, undocumented) targets in the top Makefile
 4- (useless, undocumented) function polgcd()

 1- This file !
 2- new flags -ch, -cb, -cu (colour support) to gphelp (see its header).
 3- OS/2 (+ enough tools...) supported by Configure (patch by Ilya Zakharevich)
 4- file examples/Inputrc (example of .inputrc for readline).
 5- Weber f1 function implemented.
 6- Karatsuba multiplication t_REAL x t_REAL (development code, not used by
    PARI yet). Test it with install if you wish.
Karim Belabas                          e-mail:
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