jacques G on Fri, 12 Apr 2013 08:42:01 +0200

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RE: updated windows installer for PARI

> You can download it at:
> <http://pari.math.u-bordeaux.fr/pari/windows/snapshot/Pari-2-6-g47ab1b9d.exe>
> Cheers,
> Bill

0. The link  above is broken (/pub/ is missing)  but the installer is working perfectly under Vista ! Good work, thanks.

1. Just as in the January 2013 version, the cursor disapears during line editing (readline 6.2). This does not happen with PARI 2.4.1 and readline 5.2, or other programs such as MSYS, CMD.EXE, Python. The only software that I know has this problem is a 1995 version of Maple V, and I find it annoying to lose track of the cursor position for a looong time (1 second). However, PARI/GP is not a command line editing tool of course, and this "feature" can be ignored. Maybe there is a simple remedy, such as modifying a readline default option ?

2. One also loses CTRL-C with this 2.6/6.2, again not a big deal.

Jacques Gélinas

Thanks also, Bill, for the truly elegant version of the matrix reduction program,
that I modified just now to handle vectors also,

  sz(M=[-3,0;2,0;0,0]) = { my([K, J] = matsize(M=Mat(M)));
     while( K>0 && !M[K,], K-- ); while( J>0 && !M[,J], J-- );
     M[1..K,1..J] }

This does works with slices, converting row vectors to column vectors,
and vice versa ( sz([0]) = [0]~ ).