Iwao Kimura on Wed, 28 Nov 2012 09:37:59 +0100

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when pari_init() fail

Hi all,

The following short code is compiled normaly but it fails when invoked:
/* zzpari.c */
#include <pari/pari.h>

main (void)
  pari_init(10000, 2);
  return 0;
$ gcc -o zzpari-dyn zzpari.c -O3 -mtune=native -g -Wall -fno-strict-aliasing -fomit-frame-pointer
 -I /home/iwao/include -L/home/iwao/lib -Wl,-rpath "/home/iwao/lib" -lpari -lgmp -lm
$ ./zzpari-dyn
  ***   bug in PARI/GP (Segmentation Fault), please report.
  ***   Error in the PARI system. End of program.

The code is 'git pull'ed today.

I found the reason why this happen by some hours investigation,
the first argument of pari_init() is too small.
But I wonder this behavior is intended one or not.

Best regards.
Iwao KIMURA, Dept. Math., 
University of Toyama, Toyama, Japan.