Charles Boyd on Tue, 27 Mar 2012 18:40:51 +0200

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[paridroid] save/restore context

Hello, pari-dev!

I am looking at Section 5.1.5 ("Saving and Restoring the GP context") in
libpari.dvi, which mentions two functions with following prototypes:

void gp_context_save(struct gp_context *rec);
void gp_context_restore(struct gp_context *rec);

In section 5.1.3 ("Notions specific to the GP interpreter"), it says
that there are five modules in PARI/GP (functions_basic, functions_gp,
functions_highlevel, and two obsolete modules) and that only
functions_basic is known to libpari.

I want to implement save/restore state in Paridroid, and it would be
nice if I could use these functions directly from my Android wrapper

My questions are:

(1) Are these functions known to libpari or do I have to load another

(2) How does PARI/GP save/restore the context?

(3) Is it be possible to save context on the (ARM) phone/tablet and then
recover the context on (i386) desktop? In other words, is gp_context
platform agnostic?

I recall Karim showing me something like this and mentioning that
restoring a context with user-defined function closures will not
necessarily work. If I am remembering this correctly, could someone
point me to more documentation (like a bug report) on this issue?