Karim Belabas on Sun, 29 Jan 2012 17:41:36 +0100

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Re: config/gitversion

* Bill Allombert [2012-01-28 16:42]:
> There used to be support for a file config/svnversion (now config/gitversion) stored
> in snapshots generated through 'make snapshot'.
> However the file is generated but ignored starting at pari-2.6-192-g54a25f4
> 'svn -> git', so this is probably an oversight.

It took me some time to understand the problem, so here's an expanded report:

1) make snapshot currently produces a .tar.gz, which, when extracted, 
   contains config/gitversion

2) the latter file is currently unused and ignored since commit
   54a25f40d02ce6294e55129a12f37527b70889f9 [ svn -> git ]
   due to the following change in config/version
   -else if test -r "svnversion"; then
   -  vcsversion="svn-"`cat svnversion`
   -      fi
   -    fi
   -  fi

3) In commit 1978078cd7, I  removed this config/gitversion file.
   Instead, we rewrite 'config/version' in 'make snapshot' tarball [ as we
   already did for other reasons ]: if I lauch a gp binary compiled from HEAD,
   I get

     GP/PARI CALCULATOR Version 2.6.0 (development git-1dcc395)

   If I lauch gp from the tarball generated by 'make snapshot', I now get 
   the exact same string.


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