Bill Allombert on Tue, 11 Oct 2011 22:49:20 +0200

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Re: pari build -hpux ia64

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 03:15:55PM -0500, Boul, Michael W wrote:
> I am attempting to build pari-2.3.5 under hpux ia64. I would like to know if
> you have any information on what needs to be accomplished. We are doing this
> to add the pari libraries to a perl build 5.14. It appears to die at the
> Testing nfields for gp-sta..BUG[310]   for gp-dyn..BUG[380].
> I have included the Configure run, and then I manually ran make bench to test
> before running make install.

> PROBLEMS WERE NOTED. The following files list them in diff format:
> Directory: /appl/perl_source/pari-2.3.5/Ohpux-ia64
>         nfields-sta.dif
>         nfields-dyn.dif
> *** Error exit code 1

We would need to see the file
to know for sure.
If you are only interested in Net::SSH::Perl, this is probably harmless.

Note that PARI 2.3.5 is quite outdated, and there are a report of an installation of
PARI 2.5.0 on hpux-ia64 at