Charles Boyd on Thu, 25 Aug 2011 04:50:37 +0200

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embedding GP in GUI applications (android-port)


I have produced a statically compiled GP binary for Android, and now want to build a light graphical application to improve the usability of PARI/GP on Android.

Android applications are written in Java, and may interface with native C/C++ functions via the Java Native Interface (JNI).

Is there a relatively simple way to send commands for evaluation by GP from an external application?

For example, if it is possible to embed the GP interpreter in a C program (similar to Python embedding) -- then I could write a small wrapper library in C that interfaces with GP and then load this library in the Java GUI application via JNI. For example, this library would provide simple functions...roughly prototyped as:

// return a file descriptor for the gp process, or error status
int gp_start();

// evaluate a gp command and return output, or error message
const char *gp_eval(const char *cmd);

// terminate the gp process, returning exit status
int gp_kill(int pid);

Any suggestions/ideas about how to do this are greatly appreciated, as always.

- Charles