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Getting more than one value out of a function

(I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere in this forum-- I
looked, but I may have missed it). I'm new to using PARI/gp, so this may
strike veterans as a dumb question:
How do I tell PARI I want to repeatedly evaluate a function to get out more
than one value?

I've entered: n=0;n=n+1;r=prod(a=1,n-1,1-1/prime(a))/prime(n) .

PARI spits out 1/2, but I want 1/2, 1/6, 2/30, 8/210, 48/2310, 480/30030,

I've been poking through the tutorial and online help, but most of it is
aimed at an audience that is more math-competent and computer-savvy than I.
If anyone is willing to take the time to post a step-by-step text
description, it would really help me get going.
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