Bill Allombert on Fri, 15 May 2009 15:20:27 +0200

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New seadata packages

Hello PARI-dev

Thanks to the help of Hamish Ivey-Law and David Kohel,
I am releasing two new seadata packages.

Note that if you are happy with the old one, you do not need to upgrade.

The new packages are available from

seadata.tgz,  18764 KBy, May 15 11:36:52 2009
md5sum: 60eaa8430066c5b1ca01b578c13fb08b seadata.tgz
signature: seadata.tgz.asc

Contains modular polynomials up to degree 500 and should be sufficient for
prime up to 800 bits.

seadata-small.tgz,  654 KBy, May 15 11:27:58 2009
md5sum: fe20a0bd2dd994d62b24477acd60bf77 seadata-small.tgz
signature: seadata-small.tgz.asc

This is a much smaller version that contains modular polynomials up to degree
200 and should be sufficient for primes up to 320 bits.