Xavier-François Roblot on Sun, 04 Jan 2009 17:05:33 +0100

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Re: NULLs in gerepileall

Karim Belabas wrote:
> * Xavier Roblot [2009-01-04 00:17]:
>> Using gerepileall (and related memory management functions) on a vector
>> containing some NULLs gives a SIGSEV (in the function taille0_nolist).
>> Is there a way to solve this problem that does not require replacing
>> NULLs by something else? I find it very convenient, for many reasons,
>> to use NULLs in vectors...
> 1) NULLs are not proper GENs, hence no object containing NULLs can be a
> proper GEN; gerepile & friends are only guaranteed to work on proper
> GENs. (As it happens, some gerepile functions do accept NULL as input
> but this is undocumented and may not last.)

OK, I see. I have to say that it is very useful to have the possibility
to set a GEN to NULL.

> 2) Why do you need gerepile at all on a vector containing NULLs ?
> Can you post a minimal, realistic example ?

Actually, I found a better way of doing what I want to do without using
NULLs at all.


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