Jeroen Demeyer on Wed, 24 Sep 2008 12:06:25 +0200

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Hello list,

Seeing how trap(,quit()); now does not work at all anymore, I propose
the following, which is easy to do and would solve the problem of the
parent message:
* change pari_err to call default_exception_handler() for every numerr,
  also talker2.
* check (numerr == talker2) in gp_exception_handler.
* add a new GP_DATA->flags NONINTERACTIVE and a matching command line
  option -n or --noninteractive.
* add a new exit_exception_handler which simply calls exit(1) (or
  exit(numerr) if you plan to fix numerr codes).
* in src/gp/gp.c:main() set default_exception_handler to either
  gp_exception_handler or exit_exception_handler, according to

What do you think of this?