Bill Allombert on Wed, 14 May 2008 18:45:20 +0200

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Re: bnfinit perhaps getting stuck?

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 03:52:12PM +0000, Phil Carmody wrote:
> I can't say I know what is going on in the internals of bnfinit, but
> after having a calculation need a brutal ^C-ing after running for over
> a week, I decided to re-run it  with debugging on.

One last-resort tip: If you need to change the debuglevel of a running
GP session without interrupting it, you can do as follow:

1) use ps to find the PID of GP
2) issue gdb <path to gp> <PID>
3) enter p DEBUGLEVEL=<new debuglevel>
4) enter quit and confirm (y).