Jeroen Demeyer on Thu, 08 Nov 2007 23:16:35 +0100

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wishlist: evaluating polcyclo() and others


This is a long-time wishlist item of mine. It concerns the functions which compute certain polynomials, for example polcyclo(), polchebyshev(), pollegendre() and maybe others. These functions take an argument which is the variable, but I would really like to put anything there, for example polcyclo(10^6, 2) would compute the value of the 10^6-th cyclotomic polynomial at the point 2. Or polchebyshev(10^4, x*Mod(1,3)) to get the 10^4-th Chebyshev polynomial mod 3. Essentially polcyclo(n,a) should be the same as subst(polcyclo(n),x,a).